How to Place An Order On EvoPrint

Learn how to properly configure a product, add to your cart, and checkout on EvoPrint.

Configuring Your Product

To place an order on EvoPrint, start by logging in to your account. Once logged in, navigate to the product you are looking to purchase and configure all of the required options for the product. The required options will typically include the color option, color settings, paper options, and add in your product images. In addition, you can configure any optional finishing options, lamination options, UV coating and/or any other available options for the product you’re interested in.

Checkout Process

Once you have finished configuring your product, you can either add it directly to your cart, or if you are unable to find an option you are looking for or would like to discuss the options, you can submit the product for a quote. Once the product is added to your cart, you can proceed to checkout and checkout with your credit card or pre-approved account information.


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